The Most powerful Techniques to get well business

    1. Meta tags (title,meta descrprtion,keywords)

Based on the meta tags of a website the search engine will crawl a website – These tags will play very important role to get the best search results and traffic to website.

Title: Title of a page should not exceed more than 70 characters because search engine will read up to 70 characters only and try to include one target keyword in the title for better results.
Meta Description: Description of a page should be 160 characters because search engine will read up to 160 characters only and include 1-2 keywords in meta description of a page. It will impact on search results and drives good traffic to website.
Keywords: Research the keywords for a website from the Google Tool keyword planner and take the best keywords up to 5-7 keywords and place it in keyword section. Keywords will help to drive good amount of traffic and better SERP results to website.

    1. Header Tags (h1,h2,h3)

Keyword inclusion in header tag will help you to gain the good amount of organic traffic. Make sure the utilize the possible header tags in the website for better results.

    1. Image alt tags

Image ALT will act as a keywords, alt tag will help you to get the traffic from image results

  1. Avoid popups and flash

  2. Website load time

  3. Mobile friendly

  4. Unique Content

  5. Social Media links

  6. Broken links

  7. 404 page error

  8. internal Links

  9. External links

  10. Google Anlytics

  11. Google webmaster tools

  12. sitemap.xml and sitemap.html

  13. robots.txt

  14. Keyword density – 2-4%

  15. Text/Html ratio

  16. Canonical Issues

  17. Url Optmization Or Permalinks

  18. Add Location Map