What is a back-link

In the world of SEO, “backlink” is the most used. They are incoming links to a website. When webpage links to other page, then it is called as a backlink. Backlinks are the major metric for ranking the website. Page that contains more backlinks tended to rank higher on various search engines, subsuming Google. Basically, backlink is a link between two web pages. Banklinks that go from one site to your website are called backlinks as they point back to your pages.

How back-link will impact on website ranking

Backlinks refer to your website from one website. It is a way users use to navigate from one page to another and it is known as internal backlink. The count of backlinks in website is a symbol of significance and fame of that website as Google or other search engine considers the website that have several best quality links more credible & relevant than other websites. Google analyzes whether the website is a trusted one or spammy website via the backlinks on the website. Search engines measures whether your website is relevant to keyword or not, it considers the count of high-quality links present in the website.

Following are the list of Off-page submissions for Link Building

    1. Directory submission

The most common approach to build back links towards a website is Directory submission. Though it does not bring much traffic, it provides good back-links & assist to boost your website pagerank.
Benefits of doing Directory submission
The following are the benefits of Directory submission:
• Higher link popularity
• More indexed pages
• Top Page Ranking
• Best Quality directory traffic
• Sharing Social Media
• Brand Building
• Efficient Keyword Targeting
• Best Rankings
• Faster Indexing
• More visitors

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    1. Business listing / Local listing submission

The important method of online promotion is Local listing or Business listing. It provides detail regarding business. All these are very essential website to get listed & it increases your website reviews on the search engine. Basically, local listing is an activity in Digital Marketing. It is powerful to improve the online presence of business on leading business listing websites. Similar as SEO it is also useful for Local SEO means local businesses SEO.
Benefits of doing Business listing / Local listing submission
• Gives your business improved visibility
• Increases online authority
• Unlike website management Local listings are remarkably easy to create & manage.
• Makes the time an efficient way to improve online identity
• Exceptionally cost effective
• Improves reach considerably by making your website visible to numbers of people seeking local businesses.

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    1. Social Bookmarking Submissions

The Best way to get instant traffic and Instant back-links we will go for social bookmarking sites.

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    1. Press Release Submission

Press release submission services share out your release to various news site & search engines & help put the release in front of journalists and consumers. Submission websites offer a channel to create interest & drive sales, & do not require huge money. These websites enable you to create buzz around your brand & assist in website’s SEO strategy.

Benefits of doing Press Release Submission

Some of the benefits of Press Release are:
• High-quality, authoritative sources
• Natural links from several outside sources
• Chances for keyword linking & name recognition
• Online Reputation Management
• Immediate referral traffic and visibility
• Press release distribution is inexpensive.
• Businesses get benefit from press release distribution.
• Boost Company’s visibility
• Press releases establish you as an industry expert
• Good press releases spread far & wide.
• Use your news to get more customers

    1. RSS Feed submissions

RSS full form is “Really Simple Syndication” or “Rich Site Summary”. This name used for web based feeds that can be published frequently as updated web content on websites & blogs.
Benefits of RSS Feed submission
• Boost traffic to the search engine.
• Reach new audiences via syndication
• Improved SEO
• Easier & affordable way for communication
• Additional way to converse with customers
• Assist in generating more traffic.
• Generate new customers for business.

    1. Search Engine Submission

What is Search Engine Submission
Search Engines submission is essential to get targeted traffic to website. When your website is submitted to all major search engines & more 1000 search engines your website pages get indexed in all search engines & helps you to get high ranked in search engines such as Yahoo, Google and MSN.

Benefits of doing Search Engine Submission

• Augmented visibility & ranking of business website in search results of major search engines
• Greater awareness about services or products
• Higher traffic to website
• Emphasized promotion on web
• Intelligent placement of informative content
• Lures quality prospects to website
• Prominent presence of website
• Cost effective measure
• Helps in generating greater revenue.

    1. Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is vital process for interaction between bloggers, blogs and blog readers. It is an activity wherein blog readers or visitors leave comment to blog post/article, respond to readers’ comments, or author himself replies to users questions & comments. It is a best way to swap thoughts & opinions regarding certain topic written a blog post.
Benefits of Blog Commenting
• Improve Visibility
• Establish Credibility
• Build Links
• Traffic
• Form Relationships

    1. Forum profile creation

Profile creation is a link building technique which creates profile in diverse platform’s website like forum sites, web 2.0 websites, social networking, etc… and provide business details in it & provides website link in that profile page from where we get back link to website. Profile creation is effectual technique to get best back links

Benefits of Forum profile creation

The key benefits of creating a profile on various platforms include:
• Better Rankings
• More Traffic
• Brand Awareness
• Boost SEO
• Increase in conversions
• Simple

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    1. Guest blogging

Guest blogging is a way used by bloggers to raise blog traffic where bloggers write posts that has to be published on bloggers’ blogs. Guest blogging works in one of two ways:
• Write post to appear on other person’s blog.
• Another person write post to appear on blog.
Benefits of Guest Blogging
• Build Domain & Search Engine Authority
• Get Quality Traffic
• Build Portfolio & Credibility
• Build Online Influence
• It assists in Developing Authority
• Boost Exposure & Brand Awareness
• Helps in building social Media Profile

    1. Article submission

Article submission draws more traffic by submitting SEO optimized articles to top page rank article submission sites by using search engine algorithm. It is the best practice among SEO techniques to string words together & frame effective sentences that subsume body text, page title and building links.

Benefits of Article submission

• Great sources of attaining one way link
• Generate interest in content of website to lure new and unique visitors.
• Best alternative to link exchange & link exchange networks.
• Save time in attaining back-links to website rather than directory submission & link exchanging.

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    1. Classified submission

Classified submission is a strategy of off page SEO. It also, creates links is possible. . Few of classified sites are region specific, some depends on category. Advertisement must depend upon providing business services. A number of sites are there online you can add proposal for sale of products.

Benefits of Classified Submission

Classified submission encourages business to local audience, bringing targeted traffic in cost-effective way. The following are the benefits of Classified Submission:
• Exposure – Reach more targeted audience
• Value – Select from a range of cost-effective classified display options to fulfill specific needs on timely basis.
• Impact – Command instant attention of audience
• Results – Generate sales leads, introduce new products & services, and maintain market presence

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    1. File sharing (PDF & Doc sharing)

Document sharing means sharing document like Word, PDF, Power Point, Case Studies, White papers and etc in the number of document sharing or document submission websites. It is the OFF Page strategies in SEO. Digital Marketing Agency & SEO companies are doing the Document Sharing or Submission to attain the traffic & enhance ranking on Search Engine.
Benefits of File sharing
• Gain access to lure large audience
• Get targeted visitors
• Long term free traffic to website
• Get high ranking in Google

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    1. Image sharing

Image Sharing is becoming famous in SEO now. As images interrelate with people over text, it would be helpful in attaining traffic & back link also. Infographics image sharing is one of the fine instances of it. It’s currently a hot method of getting back links & traffic.
• Promote business name
• Show customers products & services
• Enhance search engine ranking
• Boost traffic to website, Facebook page or Twitter account
• Encourage recommendations
• Build relationships with customers

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    1. Content optimization

Content optimization is the process of making website’s home page or particular page on website more beautiful to search engines & users. There are number of parts of website that we reviews and improves as part of Content Optimization process. These subsume the content or copy, title tags, broken links and Meta tags. Once these enhancements are implemented, search engines find it simpler to index website & display it in relevant search results.
• Reinforce Capability
• Lure More Visitors to Website
• Improve Ranking