Google Webmaster:

Importance of Google webmaster setup

Of several SEO tools, Google Webmaster Tools is the most useful. It doesn’t have all perks of SEO suites & it is not a tool for any SEO requirement but it comes from Google itself & it provides lots of essential SEO insights. All these are high-quality reasons to onset using Google Webmaster Tools.

It is hard to guess from name itself that, Google Webmaster Tools is a tool for webmasters. One matter that requires mentioning is isolation concerns. Since you are providing Google a full access to site’s stats, you may be worried regarding how they knob this data. While Google is a good reputation company & it is not very probable they will mistreat the data you are providing them access to, if privacy is a top concern for you, think two times before letting Google to your website secrets.

The use of Google Webmaster Tools together with Google Analytics, gives better results. You access Google Webmaster Tools data directly from Google Analytics, consequently if you are already using Google Analytics, with just few more effort you can easily combine it with Google Webmaster Tools, too.

After verifying ownership & having Google code in place on website, you can now onset enjoying the benefits of Google Webmaster Tools. When you log into Google Webmaster Tools account, the initial thing you view is the Dashboard: From here you access all the major sections – Links to Your Site, Search Queries, Crawl Errors, Sitemaps and Keywords. Clicking on any of these opens the respective section.