Google Analytics

  1. Google Analytics is an essential digital marketing tool, but gravely underused by businesses. It enables you to measure the outcomes of individual campaigns in real-time, contrast the data to earlier periods, & so much more.
  2. Few reasons must be used in Google Analytics to calculate success of website. Google Analytics demonstrate that data from all channels that are directing traffic to website, subsuming:
  3. Being able to observe all platforms enables you to view what is working well in terms of advertising. Having all data in one place make it simple to contrast the various channels.
  4. If you are presently putting money into PPC, SEO or Social Media Marketing, you can check your ROI.
  5. Google Analytics has several features that enables you to view how well users are cooperating with website & content.

Benefits of Using Google Analytics:

Analytics will disclose to you numerous things about your site including:

  • How much activity you get and & where these users are coming.
  • Each column can report on the number of transactions, revenue, goal value, or completions recorded by one or more Google Analytics conversions.
  • What pages they visit and to what extent they spend on each and every page.
  • Which pages they visit before they exit from your website.
  • What buttons get more clicks in a website.
  • You can check the number of clicks and the users who are visiting your website through desktops, tablets and mobile phones to your website.
  • What number of users are on desktops, tablets and mobile phones. – You can remove this
  • Where your clients are found (nations) and which software they are using to navigate your site.
  • Google Analytics lets you measure your advertising ROI as well as track your Flash, video, and social networking sites and applications.

Associate Google Analytics with Google Search Console

Google enables you to relate your Google Analytics account with your Search Console account.

This is exceptionally helpful since you can see this analytics information in search.

Login to your Google Search Console account, select your site and tap the SETTINGS symbol & select Google Analytics Property. Select which site to partner to the console account and snap SAVE.

These metrics check various aspects of customer journey, demonstrating how the customer has interrelated.

Overview of Google Analytics

over view of google analytics

Users – Total number of users in particular hour/day/month/months/year

New Users – Total number of new users to the website

Sessions – Number of sessions performed by the user ( one sessions= more than 31 minutes )

No.of Sessions per Users – User session rate

Page Views – Number of page views by the user, one user can view more than one page

Bounce rate – The visitor’s percentage that navigate away from website without interaction, after viewing one page.
Pages/Session – The average count of pages each visitor has viewed.

Average Session Duration – The average time spent on website by each and every visitor.
Also, you view these statistics against individual pages, providing you better idea as to what pages performing well, and which can need optimizing to enhance the user experience.

One of the best helpful tools you can use to support your SEO is Google Analytics. Analytics can provide you a great deal of information related to the performance of your site.

If you are new to SEO and website, you will get know the highlights of Google Analytics extremely valuable and soon enough it will become one of your most favourite tools. If you are utilising Analytics for some time, it’s an ideal opportunity to revive your insight and use its reports to help your site’s SEO.