Google Analytics

Importance of Google Analytics setup

Google Analytics is an essential digital marketing tool, but gravely underused by businesses. It enables you to measure the outcomes of individual campaigns in real-time, contrast the data to earlier periods, & so much more. Few reasons must be used in Google Analytics to calculate success of website. Google Analytics demonstrate that data from all channels that are directing traffic to website, subsuming:

•Organic Search (SEO)
•Social Media
•Paid Search (PPC)
•Direct Traffic
•Referrals (Backlinks)

Being able to observe all platforms enables you to view what is working well in terms of advertising. Having all data in one place make it simple to contrast the various channels. If you are presently putting money into PPC, SEO or Social Media Marketing, you can check your ROI.

Google Analytics has several features that enables you to view how well users are cooperating with website & content. These metrics check various aspects of customer journey, demonstrating how the customer has interrelated.

Bounce rate – The visitor’s percentage that navigate away from website without interaction, after viewing one page.
Pages/Session – The average count of pages each visitor has viewed.

Average Session Duration – The average time spent on website by each and every visitor.
Also, you view these statistics against individual pages, providing you better idea as to what pages performing well, and which can need optimizing to enhance the user experience.

Google Analytics Terminology

  • Sessions:
  • Users:
  • PageViews:
  • Pages/Sessions:
  • Avg. Session Rate
  • Bounce Rate:


  • Language
  • Country
  • City