1. What is SEO?

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. It is a marketing authority emphasized on increasing organic (non-paid) visibility in search engines. SEO includes both the creative & technical elements needed to enhance rankings, awareness in search engines and to drive more traffic. There are several aspects to SEO, starting from the words you use on your page to the way other websites link to your web. In some cases SEO is just a matter of ensuring whether your website is structured in the way that search engines understand. SEO is not just about structuring search engine friendly sites, but it’s about making website better for people or visitors too.

2. What SEO is not?

SEO is a practice of making positive changes to website in order for search engines to find & deliver to the targeted visitors, by following few white hat practices, such as creating unique and excellent content on regular basis, doing effective on-site SEO, & building trusted links.  However, still there are few misconceptions or myths about SEO. It is significant to clear those misconceptions as it allows you to get the most out of SEO efforts. The following is the list of what SEO is not.

  • SEO is not paid advertising and PPC does not have any impact on SEO
  • SEO is not SEM, technically SEO comes under the SEM umbrella but they are not same
  • SEO is not a quick fix, like other marketing strategies it is an ongoing and always changing process
  • SEO is not dead

3. What is the use of SEO?

The process of Search engine Optimization is an arranging a web page so that it is read, appear, & indexed by search engines in the effective manner. SEO is used to makes web site & its content attractive, applicable & visible to search engines. SEO is useful for all sorts of businesses, irrespective of small scale or large scale businesses. It helps in carving a niche among other website. Want to improve your site? Want to get more visitors? Then do SEO.

4. Importance of SEO?

In today’s avant-garde era of competitive market, SEO is plays a significant role than ever. Search engine optimization is vital because:

  • Most of the users, likely to click on top 5 suggestions in the results pages so this will bring more visitors to your web site
  • SEO improves user experience & usability of website.
  • Having presence in top positions for keywords increases the web site’s trust.
  • SEO is also good for social promotion of web site.
  • SEO is vital for the smooth website running. SEO increases search engine traffic.
  • SEO puts your website ahead of competition. If both websites are selling same thing, the search engine optimized web site is more probable to have more customers & make more sales.
    1. What are the Benefits with SEO

The benefits of SEO are vast, here are top 5.

      • Increased Traffic – The web pages which occupy the top positions on search engine get more impressions & clicks, thus, ranking in these top positions results in major traffic boost for website.
      • ROI – Traceable & quantifiable results are provided by SEO provides, irrespective of whether you are non-ecommerce or an ecommerce site.
      • Affordable cost – SEO is a affordable marketing strategies because it targets viewers or users who actively look for products & services online.
      • Increased website usability – In an effort to make website easier to navigate for search engines, SEO at the same time assists to make website more navigable for users.
      • Brand Awareness – Also top position not only results in important impressions, but also makes the page in the top positions that interpret to more exposure for website.
    1. How organic growth will increase with SEO

Enhancing organic traffic sometimes be challenging, however if you apply correct SEO strategies, the hard work eventually pay off.

    • Make out website’s good and bad links
    • Blog about user’s queries & problems
    • Eliminate & deny bad back links
    • Do keywords research & create database for keyword
    • Be contributor on reputable sites in industry
    • Optimize Meta data & content
    • Create influential internal linking system
    • Create unique and quality content on a usual basis
    • Encourage visitors to link to your website
    • Monitor SEO progress & incoming links

5. Why a website need SEO services?

In today’s digital era, every website needs optimization to attain better ranking, which can be done through SEO. In the process of SEO multiple factors are taken into consideration, subsuming website quality, user satisfaction and popularity. Without SEO, Google would have trouble picking a website to rank. So, in short SEO is useful because they will aid in sending the right signals to search engines, & push your site up the list of results into top spot.

6. SEO tactics and methods?

SEO tactics as well as methods are categorized into two such as:

White Hat SEO: It is a technique that search engines advise as part of good design.

Black Hat SEO – It is a technique that search engines do not accept and try to reduce the effect of. It is also known as spam indexing.

In order to consider an SEO tactic as White Hat, it must follow below features:

  • Match to search engine’s guidelines.
  • No deception.
  • Ensure that web page content is created for users and not for search engines.
  • Ensures that the content search engine indexes, & subsequently ranks, is the same user will view
  • Ensures good quality web pages
  • Ensures accessibility of useful content

SEO tactic is measured as black Hat, it has below features:

  • It has involve deception.
  • Irrelevant page redirection
  • No proper version of pages, This is known as Cloaking SEO tactic.
  • Using hidden text or with the page background color
  • Repeating keywords and using unrelated keywords

7. Why Website owners choose SEO?

SEO has many benefits to offer to website owners. Whether you are running a online shop/services/products, a content driven website, a blog or your company’s website, long tail SEO can help you get more organic traffic and more targeted customers. Many Website owners choose SEO because of the following reasons:

  • It is easier to attain top rank in search engine
  • Website gets more targeted visits
  • Website gets more traffic

These reasons lure the Website owners to choose SEO for their site.

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